Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Idaho Outdoor Adventure At Its' Finest

We all know that Idaho is known for Outdoor Adventure, but finding out how to connect with all there is to see and do is often more of a challenge than we have time for. We have found the perfect solution to that challenge..."Row Adventure." Peter Grubb, owner and outdoor adventure enthusiast himself, has been promoting Idaho, and adventures worldwide for 30 years. His company is top rated on a national basis. Many of our guests arrive and want to book something at the last minute...not a problem with "Row Adventures."
Just choose your adventure, whatever it may be... rafting, fishing, boating, kayaking, bicycle tours and more, this company is always going to be found creating the perfect itineraries to match your adventure expectations.
Our guests at American Country that have enjoyed this company, can't say enough wonderful things about Peter and his well trained staff.

Things To Consider:
  • Row Adventures is located at 220 Sherman Ave.; Coeur d'Alene; 800-451-6034
  • Visit the website www.rowadventures.com
  • Send an email with your inquiry to info@rowadventures.com
  • It's always best to plan ahead so clothing and equipment needs won't be an issue
  • Row Adventures also provides clothing and equipment rentals

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