Saturday, February 5, 2011

Waiting For The Return Of The Tree Swallows In Coeur d'Alene

About this time of year, as the snow begins to melt and the grass starts showing through the patchy snow, we begin to think about the return of the wonderful tree swallows in March & April!

They have chosen to grace our veranda each spring with their young, by selecting to nest in our hexagonal birdhouse.

Our guests know it's Spring if they are in the gazebo in the evening, and the highly acrobatic swallows are foraging in flight for all the little flying insects.

We look forward to watching the male bring in all types of nesting material to the female who busies herself with all the housekeeping necessities of setting up the nest. Once the babies are born, we are amazed at the frequent trips both mother and father make to bring in food for their young!

They are such a social bird and the evening skies are a-flutter with all of their activity. It would seem that once the young swallows are about 15 days old, all of their relatives show up to give them flying lessons! What fun to sit on the porch and watch them swoop in to show the little ones just how it is done!

Things To Consider:
  • The swallows returned on April 8th, 2010
  • Bring your camera, they love to have their photos taken
  • For more information on the Tree Swallow, visit
  • It is still a bit chilly on spring evenings, so bring a lightweight jacket to enjoy the swallows from the gazebo in the front yard

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Marc Zee said...

I love your little birdhouse, so cool. It's also amazing that you have so many "model" swallows coming to visit, as they love having their pictures taken. These birds really know where the good lodging is, as I'm sure your guests do as well.