Friday, May 23, 2008

Falls Park

No Ticket Needed At This Water Park

Looking for a great place for a picnic, as well as a scenic hike with breathtaking views? Post Falls has the perfect spot....."Falls Park". We are happy to provide a box lunch for our guests who enjoy taking a picnic to many of the wonderful parks in the area.
Site of the "Head Gate" constructed in the 1880's by Frederick Post, the founder of Post Falls. This gate was the method used to divert water from the Spokane River to provide water power for the largest flour mill in North Idaho as well as the first lumber mill in the area. From this small beginning, the area is now home to 3 dams, one of which can be viewed from the parks paved pathways. The Spokane River actually branches into 3 channels with 3 dams, one in each channel near the park. "Falls Park" was dedicated in June of 1993.

The park is located 9 miles downstream from the mouth of Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Things To Consider:
  • Located in Post Falls off 4th Street, West of Spokane Street

  • BBQ Grills available; Picnic tables; Playground

  • Interpretive Signs describing early history of the area

  • Fishing Pond

  • Scenic View of Dam and Gorge

  • 22 Acres

  • Accessible Paved Pathways

  • Spring viewing recommended


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